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Loving Care Senior Services is happy to extend its services to individual clients and families living in Southern Maryland.


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Maintaining the cleanliness of the house may look simple, but for a senior with vision or hearing problems, or those suffering from painful ailments such as arthritis, cleaning the house becomes a daunting task. However, a clean house is necessary to promote an environment where the elderly can age in a comfortable and healthy place.

To save you from troubles in finding the right people to assist your loved ones in cleaning their house, you can tap Loving Care Senior Services. We are an expert nursing referral agency; thus, we help you get the perfect person to assist your loved ones in all of their housekeeping needs at home. We’ll easily link you with homemakers who can render excellent services which includes dusting and cleaning, vacuuming, mopping, and organizing your loved one’s house to make it a safe and livable place to stay in.

The services that are rendered to your senior parents may be done in a continuous or intermittent basis, depending on the level of assistance that they require at home. Surely, they’ll always feel at ease to live in a clean environment that promotes good health. Be assured that all personnel referred to you have had completed background checks so that you can be assured of safety while they work in your loved one’s environment.


Loving Care Senior Services is a Nursing Referral Agency licensed through the Department of Health and Mental Hygiene. We offer ideal solutions for seniors who need Assistance with daily activities. We focus on individual wellness and encourage continued independence.


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