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Loving Care Senior Services is happy to extend its services to individual clients and families living in Southern Maryland.


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Good health and longevity is intertwined with improved social being. However, the elderly are at greater risk of experiencing loneliness and isolation because of the physical and emotional changes that are happening to them. The problem becomes even more pressing when the elderly is living alone. Thus, it can be assumed that aging brings difficulty in connecting with people through socialization. That is why if you have senior parents who are living all on their own, it might be wise to think about filling the social gap they are experiencing. You can depend on companionship services to help fill these gaps.

You can partner with Loving Care Senior Services to help you find the right companion who can be with your senior parents as they age. You can trust that the companion will ensure your senior parent’s safety, health, and convenience as they age at home so they are kept away from the risks of isolation and the development of depression. Companionship services provide opportunity for your parents to get their needed social interaction through supportive conversation and social activities with the help of their companion. In fact, you can expect that the companion will always encourage your loved ones to stay mentally active in order that cognitive decline is prevented through interactive social activities, structured hobbies, and conversation.


Loving Care Senior Services is a Nursing Referral Agency licensed through the Department of Health and Mental Hygiene. We offer ideal solutions for seniors who need Assistance with daily activities. We focus on individual wellness and encourage continued independence.


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